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The First Five January 10, 2011

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The start of the new year is always harsh. After weeks of holidays, it seems harder to get the “engine” to start. I had a very busy first week, with school and work going at full force. Good news is, I will be completing my final module in another week!

So here are the five things that made me smile this week:

1. Being by the beach instantly calms me down. It is truly my happy place. Over the weekend, I accompanied Sherman down to the beach since he was itching to windsurf. I laid out a mat and sat by the beach, reading a book, people-watching and just enjoying the sea breeze. The weather was deliciously cool (I was wearing a sweater!) and I fell asleep for a good half an hour. Bliss.

2. I recently signed up for a yoga membership near my workplace and I have really been enjoying bikram yoga. It is a 90 minutes class with a series of 26 poses, all done in a heated room. I’m so hooked on it, I don’t even mind waking up at 5am just to squeeze in a class before work on some days. Yeah, I’m that hardcore.



3. One night, Sherman and I went to this cute little place called The Biscuit King. I swear it has all kinds of childhood knick-knacks you can ever find in Singapore! Magic dust is no childhood stuff, but I was craving for candy and this caught my eye. A perfect snack for long boring night lectures! 😉

4.  If you haven’t read this yet, I strongly recommend it. It got me laughing out loud a couple of times and some never fails to make my heart melt. Such a sweetheart.

5. The rain. I absolutely love the rain this time of the year. Everything just feels that much more cozy and warm. I’d love to spend the day snuggling with a hot cuppa tea and a book but oh well, good weather nevertheless. It gives us the perfect excuse to do silly things like writing “I love you” on the car windows *giggles*

What are your happy things? Share them with me please! 😀


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