Walking on the bright side of life

In sickness and in health January 15, 2011

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This week has been really trying as I battled a nasty flu bug whilst struggling with school and work. But I made it through all thanks to thinking happy thoughts 🙂

  1. One of my bestest friends came back from the states and we caught up like old times. It amuses me how some things never change, like how she still ask for coke everywhere we go. (Wish we took a picture though!)
  2. End. Of. School. This is it, I have offically attended my last lecture in SIM. There is no greater way to end it by having Mr. Brown as our guest lecturer. I swear I was laughing so hard, I cried! But yes, no more school. Ahhh, the sweet smell of freedom!!!
  3. Burlesque! Christina Aguilera made singing look SO easy. And sexy. So good, I don’t mind watching it again.
  4. Steamboat dinner on a cool, rainy night.
  5. Groccery shopping! I have a thing for supermarkets. Walking down aisles of fresh produce and everyday things makes me incredibly excited. I’m not quite sure why!

I will be back with more photos and interesting updates once I kick this nasty bug in the butt. Now, rest. Zzz.


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