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Busy Bumble Bee January 29, 2011

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I had a really busy bumble bee week and boy, am I glad the weekend is here! Saturday morning was spent at home, catching up on my desperately needed sleep, followed by a home-cooked lunch with my mom before heading out for major shopping and movie date with Mr. S.

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, I can’t wait for plenty of steamboat meals, snacking on the goodies (think bak kwa, love letters, pineapple tarts) and of course, this is my last year of collecting ang pows. Let’s go baby!

Meanwhile, here are the five things that made my week 🙂

Eye mask to save me from panda eyes!


Lovely colours for DIY mani/pedi

Got these cute little rings from a flea market!

I cried. I'm a sucker for romance movies like that. (How hot is Anne Hathaway huh?!)

Look at this beautiful vintage floral dress I found in my mom's wardrobe! So pretty!


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